TESTING: (usually covered by insurance, but coverage varies)

EMG/NCS: EMG studies are offered in the office, and are used to test for pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle disease and other neurological conditions.

VNG: These studies are used to evaluate dizziness and balance issues.

INJECTIONS: (usually covered by insurance, but coverage varies)

  • Botox Injections for chronic migraine are provided for patients who meet certain criteria and are interested in this modality for treating migraines. Nerve blocks and trigger point injections are used to treat a variety of pain conditions including headaches and neck pain, occipital neuralgia and other neuralgias.
  • Trigger Point Injections. During treatment, a very fine needle is injected into the trigger point and a special anesthetic solution is injected to provide pain relief by inactivating pain receptors.
  • Neurological Injections are shots, or injections, given to address nerve- or muscle-related conditions.

NEUROLOGY CONSULTATIONS: Nerve injections are often used in treatments of chronic pain issues like migraines or diseases that cause muscle spasms. Nerve injections can be especially helpful in treating many types of back pain, including pain from “slipped” discs and sciatica.

EEG: EEGs use electrodes placed on your scalp to record the impulses in your brain while you’re awake or while you’re sleeping.

HEADACHE EVALUATIONS: Depending on the type of headache you have, treatments like trigger point injections for stubborn tension and muscle-related headaches or Botox® injection to help prevent migraines may be used.

MASSAGE THERAPY: Massage therapy works by relieving muscle tensions that can result in painful trigger points or adhesions, areas of hard, fibrous tissue that can interfere with normal, pain-free muscle movement and even cause spasms or other nerve-related symptoms.

OTHER SERVICES: (services not usually covered by insurance)

Cefaly session: The newly FDA approved Cefaly device for treating chronic migraine, can be tried out in Dr. Halpern’s office prior to purchasing, for $25 per 20 minute session. Relaxation, aromatherapy, massage or acupuncture may be added for an additional fee.

Skype Visits: Dr. Halpern offers video chat visits to established patients only. New patients must be seen first in the office before Skype visits can be arranged. Because insurance companies do not cover visits in this format, the charges are fully the responsibility of the patient, and range from $90 and up. Often, compared to the cost of an insurance copay, combined with transportation costs and time lost from work, Skype visits can be economically efficient. These visits must be arranged in advance with Dr. Halpern’s office staff.

Carrie Keskinen, Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist Carrie Keskinen

Carrie is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to help bring the body back into proper alignment and assist in the rehabilitation of injuries and stress related conditions. Carrie is also a Reiki Master, using Reiki (a light touch energy balancing technique to promote relaxation) in combination with massage therapy. She has been a therapist for 9 years, working in spas and physical therapy offices and has been in private practice for 5 years.

Carrie is available to meet with patients in Dr. Halpern’s office during the week.

For more information on Carrie Keskinen, please visit her website: Entwined