Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is an illness that can cause dramatic shifts in people’s mood, energy levels, and ability to think clearly. These individuals experience extreme highs and lows, much different than the ordinary person’s normal ups and downs in life. The highs are known as mania, and the lows are known as depression. If left untreated this condition can worsen, however this mental illness is very treatable. With the right combination of medication, therapy, and a healthy lifestyle people can live well with bipolar disorder.
Symptoms and severity change with everyone. Some people may go years between having symptomatic phases, while others may have very distinct manic or depressive episodes. These episodes can also happen simultaneously, or in rapid succession which is known as rapid cycling bipolar. Being aware of your symptoms and achieving the correct diagnosis will help you to maintain your stability and your lifestyle.
To be diagnosed with bipolar disorder a person must have at least one episode of mania, or hypomania. Hypomania is exhibiting most of the same symptoms as mania but does not include psychosis. The down depression portion of bipolar disorder is often so debilitating to people that they may not be able to get out of bed, or function in their normal daily activities. Being aware and ensuring that you are treated early will give you the best outcome possible!!