Heat and your mood: It’s not just a winter thing

Are you a person who loves summer time? Is all you can think about getting on the beach, stretching out with music or a good book by the water? What about those of you who love winter? Those who countdown opening day to the ski mountain, so they can hit the slopes? Moods change with season!
Seasonal Affective Disorder (yes, some people call this SAD although it is not the actual terminology) is a real thing. When most people hear about Seasonal Affective Disorder winter is the automatic thing to jump to due to lack of light, cold days, and less time outdoors. However, there are proven studies that show this is not the only cases!
Heat and summer is just as big a culprit in Seasonal Affective Disorder for many people. People with migraines often have a hard time enjoying certain hot sunny days due to the heat and humidity. This drives them inside where they can feel disjointed and removed from their friends and family. If we were all able to be on the beach mostly, we might be able to handle this a bit better, but alas many of us are in extremely warm humid cities dealing with migraine pain.
Remember you are not alone when you start to feel down. Some ways of finding entertainment during these days are visits to fun indoor attractions where there are still plenty of people. Have your friends and family attend a book reading or stroll along window shopping (indoors of course). Try that restaurant you always wanted to go to but could never find the time. There is no shortage of ideas that you all can find together!