Migraine and Light

Many people who suffer from migraines suffer from sensitivity to light, also known as photophobia. In fact, this is a hallmark symptom of migraine. In fact, it is believed that about 85-90% of people with migraines also experience this symptom.

In many cases, a person having a migraine attack often will isolate themselves in a dark, quiet room to help relieve the symptoms.

Light comes in many different forms, with different wavelengths representing different colors. A recent study found that green light actually reduced intensity of participant’s migraines by about 20% compared to red, blue, and white lights. Although there are no current therapies using green light for migraine sufferers there is definite potential in the future. Blue light, which is associated with electronics including phones and computers, can contribute to the onset of migraines.

For patients living with migraines, it is important not to avoid exposure to light completely which would just increase sensitivity. Avoiding extreme glare and sitting next to windows when possible may help. Also, applying filters through red, yellow, or orange lenses to screens on electronic devices may contribute to prevention.

It is important to talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms because there may be other reasons you are experiencing the sensitivity to light.

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By: Brooke Steiger, NP