Migraines & Your Personal Life

Migraines can have a deep and far-reaching effect on an individual’s personal life including relationships.

According to a study in The Journal of Headache and Pain, 87% of survey respondents noted that migraines impacted their professional, social, and private lives. Eighty-five percent of participants reported experiencing negative consequences related to long-term migraines including depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Migraines impair an individual’s ability to function in their daily lives. They may have to “sit out” activities including social events, work, and childcare. This also may affect the quality of their relationships with their significant other including interfering with communication and physical intimacy. They may also interfere with a person’s ability to care for their children.

In addition, the anticipation of migraines may influence planning of activities. For example, the individual may avoid scheduling certain activities because they believe that they might trigger a migraine.

If migraines are interfering with your life, it is important to seek treatment from a medical provider. Additionally, to help with the burden of coping with having migraines it is recommended that individuals seek guidance from a mental health practitioner.

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By: Brooke Steiger, NP