Nerivio is a prescription-only device, when applied to the arm, emits mild electrical stimulation to help provide relief from a migraine attack. The device is controlled using a smartphone app, which also collects data on its use since it came to market about 1 year ago.
Recently, the manufacturer Theranica, has released data from the first 6 months of use in the US market. The data showed encouraging results including that 59% of patients (662 of 1123) seen by headache specialists and 74% (23 of 31) of patients seen by other providers reported pain relief at 2 hours for at least half of their treated migraines. Additionally, the data showed complete pain freedom 2 hours after application in at least half of treated migraine attacks in 20% of the patients treated by headache specialists and 36% of the patients treated by non-headache specialists.
These “real-life” results give us more information regarding the effectiveness of this device. It may be a good option for many patients including those already taking other medications and can be used in combination with other abortive medications. However, it is important for the device to be set up and used correctly in order to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit.
If you are interested in trying Nerivio as an acute treatment call The Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology. We look forward to treating you!

Brooke Steiger, NP