Nerve Blocks and Headaches

Did you know that nerve blocks can be used to treat various headache disorders? Nerve blocks have shown the best evidence in cluster headaches, however, they have also been used for chronic migraines, chronic daily headache, hemicrania continua, and other headache disorders.

A nerve block is an injection used to decrease inflammation or block the pain signal along a specific nerve distribution.

Nerve blocks may provide rescue in the following situations:
Patients who have failed their home medications.
Patients who need relief between botox injections.
Weaning patients with medication overuse headache from their acute therapy.
Nerve blocks also may be appropriate for pregnant patients. In pregnancy, lidocaine is considered a category B drug, so can be a reasonable migraine prophylaxis if it works for someone

Nerve blocks work very quickly and provides almost instant relief.

We do nerve blocks at MCHN for patients who may experience any of the situations above. Please call us to schedule an appt. if you think you may be a candidate, or if you need further information regarding nerve blocks and treatment of headache disorders.