Post Concussion Headaches

Did you know that a headache is one of the most common symptom after a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused from trauma and can result from a direct hit to the head by an object or the ground, or from a violent shake of the head and neck such as a whiplash injury.

Fortunately, the symptoms after a simple concussion may resolve within a week for most people, but some people may have headaches and other symptoms for several weeks or even months after an injury.

For these chronic headaches and other symptoms, it is important to work with your medical care provider such as a concussion specialist and/or neurologist regarding a plan to help you or your loved one return to health as soon as possible.

For any concerns regarding post concussion headaches or other symptoms, call us at the Manhattan Center for Headache and Neurology and one of our expert providers would be happy to assist you with an individualized care plan to improve your health.