Post-Traumatic Headache (PTH)


Post-traumatic headache (PTH) is a headache that develops within 7 days after injury or after regaining consciousness.  The cause of PTH could be related to the release of certain chemicals, the swelling of important brain structure or even brain shrinkage. More severe injuries require a CT or MRI scan to rule out a brain bleed. Patients that have head injury may find it hard to perform daily activities, miss school, miss work and in general experience a lower quality of life. Treatment for PTH includes: medications (anti-inflammatories, pain medicines and triptans) used during the weeks of initial treatment. When the headaches persist, preventative medicine should be considered like: antidepressants, blood pressure pills, and anti-seizure medicines. Non drug therapies are also effective: physical therapy, biofeedback/relaxation therapy, nerve stimulators and cognitive behavioral therapies. Please contact The Manhattan Center for Headache and Neurology to learn more about PTH and treatments. We look forward to hearing from you!