Premenstrual Migraine and Menstrual Related Migraine

Premenstrual Migraine
These are migraine attacks that occur up to two days prior to or during the first three days of your period in at least 2 of every 3 consecutive menstrual cycle. Only about 4-12% of females have just pure menstrual migraine.

Menstrual Related migraine
These are migraine attacks that occur with your period and also at other times of the month. Approximately 50% of females with migraines have menstrual related migraines.

The severity of headache pain and other migraine symptoms, as well as the level of disability may be increased at menses. These attacks may be more persistent and difficult to treat, because pain may return even with treatment.

These headaches are caused, in part, by a drop in estrogen levels immediately before menses. This rapid drop in estrogen, leaves women more vulnerable to an attack.

To learn more about your menstrual migraines and how to treat them, please call and speak to one of our care providers at the Manhattan Center for Headache and Neurology.