Untreated Sleep Apnea is often accompanied with headaches. These headaches occur in about 10 to 30 percent of patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
These headaches are usually described as squeezing, pressure-like sensations localized in the bifrontal (forehead) region. They are recurrent, happening at least 15 days per month or more. This headache subtype is not accompanied by typical migraine symptoms. For example, no associated nausea, vomiting, light or noise sensitivity. Typically, these headaches resolve within 30 minutes to an hour after waking up.
Symptoms of Sleep Apnea include excessive daytime sleepiness – snoring, coughing, or gasping during sleep, morning brain fog or nighttime restlessness.
According to ICHD -II diagnostic criteria, sleep apnea must be demonstrated on overnight sleep study and headaches must be resolved within 72 hours with no recurrence after effective treatment of sleep apnea.
A detailed history in addition to a thorough physical examination is needed to diagnose and/or treat these headaches.

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By: Jordan Shankle, PA