Not Tonight Honey…

Headaches, and especially migraines, may make you want to stay in bed, un touched, and lying still.  This inevitably makes someone NOT want to engage in intimate affairs.  But what if a good romp could actually help?  It may, but of course you need to get over your fear of all that movement and closeness. 

For many sufferers, asking this is too much.  Unless you want stomach contents spewed out on the bed.  Sorry for the visual.  But for some sufferers or some headaches, it might be worth a try.  Endorphins are hormones with pain killing effects that flood your body with vigorous exercise or even sexual encounters. 

There are other benefits too.  An active healthy sex life, for many, suggests a healthy overall lifestyle with plenty of sleep, good nutrition and good stress reducing techniques.  All things that are great for headache sufferers.

There are some headaches that can be triggered by intimate encounters, though.  If you get one of those, you probably need to see your doctor and discuss this symptom with him or her.