Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Many adult may struggle with ADHD, and do not know that they have it. ADHD is easier to recognize in kids, but the symptoms in adults are more subtle. Indications of adult ADHD may include:

  1. Difficulty with getting organized. Responsibilities such as paying bills, your job, and dealing with children can make organization issues more obvious.
  2. Driving recklessly and frequent accidents. ADHD can affect your attention, so people are more likely to speed and cause accidents.
  3. Marital problems. Adults with undiagnosed ADHD may have poor listening skills and not able to honor commitments leading to arguments with partner.
  4. Being easily distracted, which can lead to underperformance at work.
  5. Being, restless, edgy or tense
  6. Delay in starting tasks that requires a lot of attention.
  7. Not meeting deadlines or being late for events. This is often due to distractions and underestimating the time to finish a task or an assignment
  8. Outbursts of anger. People with ADHD have trouble with controlling their emotions. They may get angry over minor issues, and their anger often fade quicker than before the person involved has gotten over it.
  9. Issues with prioritizing such as spending hours on something minor instead of focusing on bigger obligations.

Adult ADHD can be hard to diagnose, as these symptoms can also be signs of other medical conditions. If you think you have it, call The Manhattan Center For Headache & Neurology to schedule an evaluation.

Tanesha Reynolds, DNP, FNP-BC