Anxiety and Stress plus Migraines

These three things may not seem like they have much in common, however they are extremely closely linked. Migraines can cause stress and anxiety, while conversely anxiety and/or stress are common triggers that can cause migraines. Treating one of the conditions may help the other, however the best option is to treat both until you feel your have the pain under control.
Anxiety is a prominent trigger in life for many things, migraines being a tremendously common effect. There can be good and bad anxiety, but your body does not necessarily distinguish the difference. You may be very anxious about work stress, life changes, or relationship struggles which can cause severe migraines debilitating your body. This is common and the type of anxiety that most people think of as the culprit for ‘that darn migraine that does not stop!’
However, there is good anxiety that is just as powerful in causing that migraine. Have you ever been excited about that upcoming trip; so excited in fact that it is all you can think about? Well until your head hurts so bad you have a migraine. What about that new love in your life such as a new partner or a new hobby that you are so excited by that you are consumed with this love. It is so exhilarating and fantastic that you can’t stop thinking about it, correct? Until you have that horrible migraine and can’t figure out why.
The answer to both things is ANXIETY!! Both good (exciting) anxiety, and bad (worrisome) anxiety are culprits. So, let us at The Manhattan Center for Headache and Neurology help you. Call and schedule a consultation today!