Bulimia Nervosa

People who have bulimia will feel out of control when binging on very large amounts of food during short periods of time. They then desperately try to rid themselves of the extra calories using forced vomiting, abusing laxatives or excessive exercise. This becomes a repeating cycle that controls many aspects of the person’s life and has a very negative effect, both emotionally and physically. People who have bulimia are usually normal weight or even a bit overweight.
Emotional symptoms of bulimia include low self-esteem overly linked to body image, feelings of being out of control, feeling guilty or shameful about eating, and withdrawal from friends and family.
Bulimia will likely inflict physical damage on the person’s body. The binging and purging can severely harm the parts of the body involved in eating and digesting food, teeth are damaged by frequent vomiting, and acid reflux is common. Excessive purging can cause dehydration that effect the body’s electrolytes and leads to cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure and even death. If you have experienced these symptoms or are experiencing these symptoms do not be afraid to seek help. There are treatments available to you that can help you manage this and overcome this disorder. Be a positive, healthier you!!

By: Amanda Moret, PMHNP, FNP