Changing the Stigma: Mental Health by Amanda Moret, PMHNP

I started writing this before Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I am glad I now have the chance to address this topic for all. Mental Health, good times and bad, should be something we talk about to others!!
Talking about mental health, mental wellness, and mental illness can be scary for some people. For many years people associated these conversations with stigmas or being disgraced. Some considered others weak for talking about these conditions, however that is no longer the case. We as a community are changing the “stigma” of discussing mental health and seeking treatment when you do not feel like you are performing at peak mental function.
For example, if you had a medical condition such as asthma and needed treatment you would not be shamed for this. You would seek treatment to improve your breathing and ensure that you were performing at your peak levels. The same is true for mental health. If you are feeling down, anxious, nervous, stressed, or simply feeling different than you used to…. why would you not look for something to improve these feelings?
By being open and talking about these issues with our friends and families the associations have changed over time. More often these days people are aware of celebrities and people in the spotlight speaking about these issues and are becoming more cognizant of how prominent this is in society. Keep an open mind when discussing mental health, and remember it is okay to not feel your best. If you ever need help improving your mental health or getting back on track come visit us and see if we can help you.