Diving Headache

Warmer weather is becoming consistent and we are officially ready to say hello to Spring/Summer!!
As we bask in the nice weather – summer activities and or vacations may come to mind. People may anticipate travels to exotic islands for fun in the sun and beach days!
Swimming activities are likely high on the list for several people. While we encourage relaxation and excitement, please be aware of potential health conditions that may come with swimming. For example, Diving Headaches.
Diving headaches are associated with one or more features of CO2 intoxication. Usually, with deep divers or activities such as scuba diving.
These headaches are characterized as dull/achy head pain and are often diffuse. They are associated with lightheadedness, mental concussion, feeling flushed or disoriented.
Diving headaches usually intensify during the decompression phase of a dive or upon resurfacing and resolve within 1 hour of 100% oxygen therapy.
Our Practitioners at MCHN are sending you delight and happiness as we transition into a new season!

By: Jordan Shankle, PA