Fertility Treatment and Migraine Frequency

Many women have noticed that their migraines may increase around their menstrual period. This is caused by fluctuation in levels of hormones.

Hormone levels that are stable lead to a reduction of headache frequency and severity. A decrease in estrogren causes migraines in about 60% of women. During fertility treatments, exogenous hormones may be introduced at levels much higher than occur naturally in the body to help create conditions more suitable for pregnancy.

Some studies suggest that, similarly, hormonal shifts caused by fertility treatments may increase headache or migraine frequency.

During the course fertility treatments, the patient may be asked by their specialist to stop migraine medications prior to implantation or after implantation. It is important to discuss your migraine medication regimen with your fertility specialist.

There are medications that may be appropriate during the course of fertility treatments. This should be discussed with your headache specialist prior to starting fertility treatments.

By: Brooke Steiger, NP