Food “Triggers”

There are many things that may trigger migraine. In many cases it may not just be one trigger that causes a migraine but several triggers occurring around the same time that lead to a migraine.

Studies suggest that cured meats and aspartame may increase the risk of headaches in a person who suffers from migraine.

For many foods there is not good scientific evidence that shows they are significant triggers for migraines. Other foods that people with migraine report are triggers include aged cheeses, red wine, excessive caffeine, citrus fruits, and yeast.

Additionally, the Cleveland clinic suggests that the following foods may be common triggers for migraine however no evidence exists that this is the case: avocados, smoked or dried fish, onions, garlic, potato chips, tomato base products, beans, dried fruits, some cultured dairy products (cultured), organ meats, pickled foods, and some tropical fresh fruits.

Food triggers vary quite a bit from individual to individual. To determine your triggers it is important to keep a headache diary and track your migraines.

Food allergies may also play a role in triggering headaches. If you think you are allergic to a food you should have testing with an allergist to confirm this and then avoid the food.

To learn more about food triggers, speak with your healthcare provider.

By: Brooke Steiger, FNP