Migraine sufferers are extremely sensitive to light and prefer to be in the dark and in isolation. A new lamp has been designed to help people with light sensitivity emerge from the darkness and get back to doing what they love. Recent research suggests that a specific type of narrow band green light reduces the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. Green light has been shown to reduce the pain and discomfort when exposed to light during a migraine attack.

“Dr. Rami Burstein, a Harvard medical school professor, a world leader in the science of migraine and headache pain, has discovered a precise narrow band of natural light that lets you see and function without the same discomfort of everyday light: the Allay wavelength. In a series of studies in Dr. Burstein’s lab at Harvard Medical School, participants overwhelmingly preferred the Allay wavelength to regular light. They were able to read, write, and get back to their normal activities.”

Here, at The Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology, we too use the Allay Lamp during different types of therapies like IV treatments. We also use the Allay Lamp for patients who come to the center in pain and need to be in a separate room away from light and noise during their wait time to see one of physicians! The Allay lamp is indeed calm and soothing. The green light emitting from the Allay lamp minimizes the discomfort and pressure felt from regular light during a migraine episode.