Headache is among the most frequent symptoms persisting or newly developing after COVID-19 as part of the so-called long COVID syndrome. Long COVID headache can present in the form of worsening of a preexisting primary headache, or in the form of a new intermittent or daily headache starting during the acute infection or after a delay. It often presents together with other long COVID symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, and depression. Patients with a prior history of headache usually report a worsening of their headache. Interestingly, both tension-type-like and migraine-like headache features can also be seen in patients without a personal headache history or despite not having experienced headache in the acute infection phase. The World Health Organization provides useful advice for patients on self-management after COVID related illness to improve self-rehabilitation and recovery (https://www.who.int/ publications/m/item/support-for-rehabilitation-selfmanagement-after-covid-19-related-illness). The nonprofit Altea Long COVID Network Association, based in Zurich, is also a source of useful information (https://www.altea-network.com/en). The Altea platform includes evidence-based information and helpful tips to cope with and/or overcome symptoms; a directory that helps find health professionals specialized in post COVID-19 condition by location or by symptom; a blog where the latest news and updates about post COVID-19 condition are published. We at MCHN are continually monitoring for new information and guidelines for treatments for our patients. Please make an appointment with one of our providers to evaluate your headache.  

–Alice Wong, NP 

References: Tana, C., Bentivegna, E., Cho, SJ. et al. Long COVID headache. J Headache Pain 23, 93 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1186/s10194-022-01450-8