The Role of Light Wavelengths in Migraine
To an extend most people have some degree of light sensitivity. For example, looking directly into the sun can be painful for anyone. However, most people with migraines are hypersensitive to light. A sunny day that delights most of us can be miserable for migraineurs, even certain indoor lighting or computer screens can be irritating. Light sensitivity or photophobia is reported as a common symptom and a common trigger of migraines. Specifically, more than 90% of people with migraines are sensitive to light.
Migraineurs have been managing this symptom by staying indoors in a dark room, decreasing screen time, avoiding certain places or events with bright lighting. These efforts may be helpful, but they cannot be considered a long term solution, or a reasonable solution that won’t impact someone’s lifestyle.
A reasonable solution is migraine glasses. Migraine glasses provide relief during migraines and protection from light-triggered migraines. Migraine glasses filter certain wavelengths of light that trigger and aggravating migraine attacks. Migraine glasses do this by having a certain coating on the lenses. Migraine glasses can be purchased or a coating can be added to a current pair of glasses.

Caroline Pruski, NP