Migraines can be severe and debilitating, but there has been an influx of new migraine treatments in the last several years. Preventing migraine is one such goal of treatment, and Vyetpi is one such treatment that became FDA approved in 2020 for the prophylaxis of migraine.
Vyepti is unique in that it is the only approved preventative for migraine given through IV. It is administered once every 3 months. It is known as a CGRP receptor blocker – calcitonin gene-related peptide. CGRP plays a role in migraine, and Vyepti works to bind to and block CGRP receptor activation.
Vyepti is a good option for migraine sufferers who prefer not to take a daily oral preventative. It must be administered by a medical professional, meaning patients need to come in once every 3 months for an infusion. Infusion time is about 30 minutes, and patients are good to go back to school or work after.Schedule an appointment at The Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology if you think Vyepti might be a good choice for managing your migraines.


Sana Marzouq, DNP