“Though that was decades ago, today there are still several reasons migraine is poorly controlled for so many people. One is a lack of appreciation by both doctors and the public for what it entails”

This NY Times article discusses migraines and how it affects those individuals that suffer from this condition. A Migraine is described as a headache with body-wide effects that affects those who suffer from the attacks unable to tolerate light, noise, smells or touch. These attacks interfere with the sufferer’s ability to work, interact with others, and perform daily tasks. There are many medications that treat and prevent migraines ranging from wearable nerve stimulating devices that can be activated by your smartphone to biologic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, that can be given once a month or once every three months. CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ THIS ARTICLE AND LEARN ABOUT VARIOUS OTHER MEDICATIONS THAT TREAT MIGRAINES!