Post Traumatic Headaches

Headache is the most frequently reported symptom after a traumatic brain injury. According to the American Headache Society, headaches can impact patients even five years after the injury occurred.

In a study of more than 300 moderate to severe post traumatic brain injury patients admitted to an in-patient rehab unit, over a five year period, “more than half of the headaches could be classified as migraine or probable migraine and over a third of patients had several headaches a week or daily headaches. Headache pain remained high over time with average pain rated between 5.6 and 6.4 based on a 0-10 scale.”

Do not write off your headache after a traumatic brain injury. Patients should document the frequency, intensity, and impact of headache on daily functioning, so their health care provider can determine the best treatment option.

There is no reason to suffer from intense headaches after an injury. Please call us at the Manhattan Center for Headache and Neurology for a consultation and one of our care providers will be happy to help you with an individualized treatment plan for your post traumatic headaches.

by: Tanesha Reynolds, DNP, FNP