Migraine Book Review

Migraine has been documented in literature over many years, described in many works including those by Joan Didion and Virginia Woolf.

Author Kathleen J. O’Shea has chronicled migraine in literature in her book So Much More than a Headache: Understanding Migraine through Literature.
In her book, she has gathered excerpts from books, poetry, an original essay, and a short play along with commentary to address the stigma surrounding migraines.

The book is specifically geared towards those who suffer with migraines and their friends and family in order to elucidate the experience of migraines. Additionally, this book may be beneficial to medical students and healthcare providers, particularly those working in the field of headache medicine.

For migraneurs, this work aims to acknowledge their hardships and experiences and the physical and mental consequences of the condition.

The book may be purchased on from Kent State University Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble and may be purchased for Kindle device.

Brooke Steiger,NP