For many people who suffer from migraines, during a migraine episode, a rescue treatment is taken and the migraine resolves. Unfortunately, in some cases when a migraine does not resolve it may last for a number of days. A migraine lasting for 72 hours or longer is known as status migrainosus.

In many cases, several rescue medications are tried, yet the headache persists. At this point, some choose to go to the hospital for treatment and assessment.

Status migrainosus may be treated in a variety of ways including with novel rescue medications, multi-day courses of certain prescription medications suited to treating status, nerve blocks, or intravenous infusions.

In some cases, depending on the individual’s medical history and symptoms, a headache lasting this long could be concerning and require further assessment.

If you believe you have suffered from status migrainosus schedule an appointment with our caring providers at The Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology

By; Brooke Steiger, NP