We all look forward to summer when the weather is nice and it is time for vacation.
When you suffer from migraines, you need to keep a few things in mind during the summer months.

As the weather gets warmer, we spend more time outside. When it is very warm, we perspire and may become dehydrated. It is important to keep well hydrated with non caffeinated beverages in order to stave off dehydration related to overheating. For some, the heat itself may trigger headaches so make sure to keep yourself cool by spending time in the shade especially around midday and taking breaks indoors to cool off.

As the days get longer we tend to spend more time in the sun. For those who consider light to be a trigger for their migraines, make sure to wear sunglasses and a hat.

Spending more time outside may include social activities such as picnics and barbeques where alcohol is served. Be mindful of the types of alcohol that trigger your migraines and drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation. For every 1 alcoholic beverage, consume 2 glasses of water.

Along with summer, often comes vacation. If you are traveling, be mindful of changes in your routine such as very early flights or altering your sleep schedule. While on vacation, try to stick to your normal routine when you are able.

Overall, enjoy your summer but make self-care a priority.

By: Brooke Steiger, NP