We are approaching the holiday season which is fun and festive but for some people can set the stage for more frequent migraines and headaches.

Here are some tips for surviving the holidays:

Be aware of triggers
For many patients the holidays means indulging in traditional and delicious food and drink. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed but be aware of your triggers. If you choose to partake in food or drink that are known triggers be prepared with appropriate medication or treatments that you can use at first sign of headache.

Take time for self care
The holidays can be stressful with many different events and family obligations but it’s important to make time to take care of your health. This means getting enough downtime and doing all the other things you typically think of to keep healthy like drinking enough water and exercising.

Try to stick to routine as much as possible
With the holidays comes different events and activities that may interrupt your typical daily routine which can trigger headaches. You may be traveling to visit family or attending holiday parties. It is important to continue your same sleep schedule as much as possible. Also if you attend a party one night, maybe consider staying home the next night.

Try to stress to a minimum
With all the good things the holidays bring, they may also add increased stress due to social events and family gatherings. Keep migraines at bay, by planning ahead. For example if you’re planning on making a big meal for your family, try to prepare some dishes in advance or make it a potluck where everyone brings dishes to help.

By: Brooke Steiger, NP