Our brain is an essential organ in the body. The brain controls movement, breathing, memory, recall – thinking and speaking. Therefore it is imperative to understand and implement brain health within your lifestyle.
Here are a few tips for cognitive health:
1. Maintain a healthy diet:
A diet rich in vegetables, whole grails, fruits, Omega – 3 Fatty acid and vitamins. One of the more healthier diet options is the Mediterranean diet which limits sodium and surgery foods.
2. Create a mentally active routine:
We highly encourage stimulating your brain with frequent reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing sudoku or putting together puzzles. Learning new skills and critical thinking helps keep your brain active and reduce risk of cognitive impairment.
3. Physical activity:
Not only does exercise help the cardiovascular system, it also increases blood flow to the brain and reduces further risk for a decline in brain health. A moderate amount of physical activity ie 30 – 60 min, 2-3xs per week is ideal. Ideas for physical activity include swimming, running, weight lifting, or playing sports.
4. Adequate amount of sleep:
Adequate sleep helps your brain reset and refuel! While you are asleep your brain is able to rest and repair itself which improves cognitive function. It is essential to get 7-8 hrs of consecutive, unfragmented sleep.
5. Limit use of alcohol, stop smoking!
Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol have been linked to increased medical problems including cardiovascular issues, liver problems and neuropathy. These comorbidities have been shown to increase risk for cognitive problems as you age.
6. Prioritize Your Mental Health:
Anxiety and depression has been linked to increased risk of developing cognitive problems. Therefore prioritizing your mental health will carry over to help maintain healthy cognitive function. Be sure to stay social with family and friends!
By: Jordan Shankle, PA