Cognitive Issues & Migraine

Cognitive issues and Migraine

Some patients with migraine experience various cognitive-related issues before, during, or after a migraine. The frequency may increase as the frequency of headaches increases. These symptoms are not uncommon and are temporary and harmless.

These may include difficulty with word finding (aphasia), brain fog, or memory loss.

Some patients report feeling exhausted with brain fog before a migraine, or in the prodromal period, or after a migraine or in the post-dromal period.

Some research suggests that migraines may cause temporary difficulty with cognitive functioning which may lead to attentional deficits, memory impairment, verbal impairment, and brain fog.

Often, if the migraines are treated, the cognitive issues that accompany the migraines resolve.

There are other medical or psychological causes of cognitive issues.

If you feel you’re having cognitive difficulties related to migraines, speak with your provider.

By: Brooke Masilak, FNP