The Cefaly device provides a non-pharmacologic approach to preventing migraines or treating acute migraine attacks.

It is an electrode attached to a strap applied across the forehead. You can apply it during a migraine attack in which case you would leave it on for 1 hour. As a preventative treatment, it may be applied every day, usually in the evening, for 20 minutes.

The device works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, which is linked to migraine attacks, to either decrease the frequency and severity of migraines or stop the attack.

This device is a great option for patients who prefer to avoid treatment with medication or are taking many medications for other conditions, however, the device is not covered by insurance. Many patients opt to purchase the device using their Health Savings Account.

For more information about the Cefaly, speak with your healthcare provider.

Brooke Steiger, NP