Migraine with Auras

Do you get a strange feeling before your migraines?

Dizzy, ringing in your ears, seeing zigzag lines, wavy lines, bright flashing colorful or non colorful lights, blurry vision, transient loss of vision, numbness and tingling sensation, followed by a pain in your head that can put you out for the rest of the day.

These strange things that you experience before a migraine is called an aura. These headaches can be painful and make you feel “off”, but they are not life threatening. You may not have auras every time you have a migraine. HOWEVER, auras can also be a sign of other neurological conditions such as a seizure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.

If you experience an aura for the first time, or have experienced auras and have never seen a health care professional, please call our office for an evaluation by one of our health care providers. We will do the appropriate testing to determine if there are any other underlying neurological conditions.

Together, we will design the right treatment plan for your migraines with auras or any other neurological issues.