Neck pain is a common problem that many people suffer from. It is thought about 80% of people suffer from neck pain in their lifetime and between 20%-50% experience it on an annual basis.

Unfortunately, it is a very common symptom associated with migraine as well.
According to the 2018 Migraine in America survey, about 69% migraine patients surveyed reported they have neck pain with their migraines.

Migraine symptoms associated with neck pain may include pain at the base of the head, stiffness or tightness in the neck, pain that radiates from neck upwards to top and front of head, and a decrease in ability to easily move the neck.

Some migraines may also be triggered or worsened by damage to the joints in the neck caused by injury or normal wear and tear and postural problems.

It is important to recognize that your neck pain may be a symptom of migraine which may be responsive to your abortive migraine medications or treatments.

Also, you may need your provider to assess if you have any underlying neck or postural issues that could be addressed with other therapies including physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, or medication.

For more information regarding neck pain and migraine, speak with one of our healthcare providers at The Manhattan Center for Headache & Neurology.

Brooke Steiger, NP