Post lumbar puncture (LP) headache, also known as Post Dural puncture headache ( PDPH) is a common complication after a diagnostic or therapeutic lumbar puncture. Additionally, these types of headaches can occur during an attempted epidural catheter placement. Headache characteristics include dull, achy pain localized in the frontal, occipital or holocephalic region. Headaches are positional (worsened when upright, and better when lying supine); and they may or may not be accompanied by stiff neck, light sensitivity, nausea, visual changes or auditory/hearing symptoms. Post Lumbar headaches tend to develop within 5 days of a lumbar puncture being performed and typically resolves within 1 wk. Common risk factors include female gender, pregnancy, prior headaches, and lower body mass index. PDPH is a clinical diagnosis, usually made by identifying positional headaches within 72hrs – 5 days after a Dural puncture. Of note, secondary causes of sudden headaches may need to be excluded as well.

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aluation and potential treatment options.

By: Jordan Shankle, PA