Yoga is a mind-body practice based ancient Indian philosophical tradition involving physical and mental techniques including exercise, stretching, and relaxation.

One 2014 study, showed that yoga led to a significant reduction in frequency and intensity of migraines. It is thought that it enhances tone of the vagus nerve and decreases overstimulation of the nervous system. A 2015 study, showed the same results with also reports of decrease anxiety and depression among those participants practicing yoga.

For people who suffer from headaches, restorative yoga is recommended. Hot yoga may cause dehydration which may trigger migraines. Additionally, one must be aware of limitations and modify certain poses if necessary to minimize injury. For example, it is best to avoid positions that put increased pressure on the neck including bridging and headstands.

To learn more about yoga for headaches and migraines, talk to your healthcare provider.

Brooke Steiger, NP